RCP SYSTEMS works withprecision, innovation and speed

RCP SYSTEMS works with
precision, innovation and speed

Strong ideals. Strong partner.

We unite the highest quality and precision with the most modern engineering, high-quality components and the reliability of our top engineering team.
Always adopted individually to the demands of our customers. That is what we, RCP SYSTEMS stand for, just the same way as our strong partner.
With experience and success-proven competence.


Our strong partner for all installations, repairs, services and more in Great Britain. The highest precision and comprehensive offers make the team from
RCP ENGINEERING to competent and reliable experts.

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A reliable service partner with the highest demands in quality and precision.
That is K. MÜLLER AG, the new service centre with spare parts warehouse in Switzerland for all customers with MACPRESSE balers.

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High-performance devices that are able to process a wide variety of raw materials. That is what FORREC stands for, our partner for shredders and granulators in Great Britain. The philosophy: highest technical quality, reliability and individual adoption.

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REO-PACK is our partner for bale winding systems in Great Britain. Most modern technology and robust construction combined with high-quality components make REO-PACK to a real packing professional since more than 25 years.

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