RCP SYSTEMS works with precision, innovation and speed

RCP SYSTEMS works with
precision, innovation and speed

REO-PACK in Great Britain

New recycling partner, spare parts warehouse and service

With REO-PACK and RCP SYSTEMS, two partners have merged that represent the same principles: reliability, quality and punctuality. Tailor-made packaging machines, individually planned pallet film winders, pallet transporters or requirement-orientated waste and bale packings are manufactured, supplied and mounted by RCP ENGINEERING Ltd with the highest quality and precision.

REO-PACK, founded in 1988 with their main office being in the North-East of Denmark, operates successfully as packaging professional in more than 25 countries. The company REO-PACK is well known for its long-standing experience as manufacturer of packaging machines, pallet film winders, pallet transporters as well as waste and bale packing. The end packaging systems from REO-PACK are characterised by their particularly robust design, the use of most modern technologies and the use of high-quality components.

Recently, RCP SYSTEMS has attained the exclusive sales rights in Great Britain for the recycling products of the company REO-PACK. Naturally we are able to offer our customers a spare parts warehouse and complete service for all winding machines in Great Britain, through our partner RCP ENGINEERING Ltd.