RCP SYSTEMS works with precision, innovation and speed

RCP SYSTEMS works with
precision, innovation and speed

New MACPRESSE baler installed in Moscow

A customer in Moscow that has been working with the baler MAC 105 since 30 years has had their outdated press replaced by a new MAC 108/1. At the beginning of October, our service company RCP Engineering carried out this replacement.

Convinced by the MACPRESSE products, our customer made their decision for a MACPRRESSE baler again. In order to be able to achieve a higher throughput to satisfy the growing amounts, the customer made a decision for the larger model with a pressure of 120 tonnes. Now, approx. 55,000 tonnes of old paper and cardboard are processed to bales annually using the new MAC 108/1.

The MACPRESSE balers are continuously further developed and are therefore always state-of-the-art. The maintenance friendly balers are characterised by their efficiency, the minimum power consumption and their long service life.

RCP SYSTEMS also offers excellent terms of payment, guarantee services and competent services for all products.