RCP SYSTEMS works with precision, innovation and speed

RCP SYSTEMS works with
precision, innovation and speed

FORREC in Great Britain

New partner for complete recycling solutions and disposal technology

With FORREC, RCP SYSTEMS has experienced an ideal supplement as partner for customer-specific complete solutions and individual disposal technology. Common ideals such as the highest quality, punctuality and reliability paired with the use of the most modern technology, the processing of high-quality components and a top engineering team is what our customers benefit from.

FORREC, founded at the beginning of the 1990s with main office in North-East of Italy plans and builds tailor-made and budget-conscious complete solutions in the area of disposal technology and recycling systems. Customer projects carried out by FORREC are always adapted to the respective requirements, such as throughput or material to be processed. FORREC shredders and granulators are able to process a diversity of raw materials: electronic scrap, timber, general rubbish, glass, plastic, plastic materials, CDs, documents, paper, etc.

RCP SYSTEMS have the exclusive sales rights in Great Britain for shredders and granulators from FORREC. Through our experienced partner company RCP ENGINEERING Ltd., we are able to offer our customers a spare parts warehouse and component service for all FORREC systems in Great Britain.